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I don’t have a whole lot to say here, as I have not done a whole lot to say about. But you’re here, so I’ll see what I can do.

My name is Adam, and I was born in New Jersey in the winter of 1994. I grew up on video games and fantasy novels. As I got older I began to appreciate stories in all mediums, from comic books and video games, to books and movies. I’ve always enjoyed telling stories verbally, and as I got better, I wanted to tell stories that were a little more complex, and so I turned to writing.

I started writing as I started high-school, and I was pretty bad. I had two advantages, though. I knew I was bad, for one. I’ve heard a lot of people make the claim that they were great at writing stories in middle school, and they just got better at writing essays as they moved towards college, and they don’t know why they lost their brilliant mind from middle-school. I was under no such illusion. I actually read my stuff.

My second advantage was that I had an iron determination to ‘level up’ instilled in me from my years of playing RPGs. I wrote and kept on writing. I took advice and classes – both in my school and out – and I got a little better. Took a couple writing workshops where I could find them. Went to college and took more. As of writing this, that’s where I still am.

An aspiration to publish my own book was a tough thing to harbor. Everyone and their mother, and their mother’s psychic, and their mother’s psychic’s nephew’s chiropractor is working on their half finished novel. You get a lot of people dumping their buckets of shards of broken dreams on you. But I didn’t give up. I journeyed on and here I am. Where ever here is.